Adventures in Paradise: surfboards and snorkeling equipment included.

Sohoton Caves this is an all day trip to the Sohoton Lagoons and Caves. Explore the caves, snorkel in the clear blue water and visit jelly fish lagoon and snorkel among hundreds of harmless jelly fish. Lunch is served over the water in the visitors center.

P1500 per person plus the entrance fee to the park; usually around P500.



Naked Island Picnic snorkel and swim off this little uninhabited gem in the sea. Luncheon is served and you can try surfing at the nearby reef. P1000 per person.

Island hop to your choice of ½ doz islands starting at P750 per person.




Surf Trips: usually last 2 to 4 hours depending on where we surf and the tides.

Starting at P500 per person.





Free activities at the resort swim off the beach, bicycle down the footpaths to the next village,play golf, play volleyball or one of our favorites or just chill.